Piano-Express Regio:

Regional piano transportation, grand piano transportation, concert supplies and single journeys

Regional piano transportation

With Piano-ExpressRegio, pianos and grand pianos can be transported flexibly and promptly in our locations’ regional area.


You don’t need a long lead time to transport your piano or grand piano; you’ll instead be given a suitable date within just a few days, thereby allowing you to divide up your time flexibly.


As a specialised piano shop or dealer, you have the advantage of being able to name a delivery period for your customer directly when you sell or lease out an instrument.


Piano-Express guarantees a specific delivery and collection time for concerts or events, and meets your customers’ co-ordinated scheduling requirements. With this product, we also offer you complete, Germany-wide support for your concerts and events.

Piano-Express offers you door-to-door service. We carry your piano or grand piano up different levels to your desired location. If the staircases are too narrow, we find a solution, e.g. dismantling the instrument or carrying it edgeways.